뿈 Natural moisturizing factors which exist in stratum corneum and aloe vera leaf extract, hydrogenated lecithin, and sodium haluronate whose effect to supply water is excellent gives moisture to your dry skin. It is helpful for ma king your skin more resilient with adenosine, hydrolysed collagen, and all kinds of extracts. Niacinamide which is the skin-lighte ning functional ingredient is helpful for caring your skin to be brighte r.

뿈 Use of silky cellulose long fiber sheet that is mild on your skin gives feeling to replenish much water and sensuous satisfaction to it because of excellent adhesion.

뿈 뵾遺 媛곸쭏痢듭뿉 議댁옱븯뒗 蹂댁뒿씤옄(N.M.F) 닔遺 怨듦툒슚怨쇨 쎇뼱궃 븣濡쒖뿉踰좊씪옂異붿텧臾, 븯씠 뱶濡쒖젣꽕씠떚뱶젅떆떞,냼뱪븯씠븣猷⑤줈꽕씠듃벑씠 닔遺꾩씠 遺議깊븳 뵾遺뿉 닔遺꾩쓣 怨듦툒빐 以띾땲떎. 븘뜲끂떊벑 媛곸쥌異붿텧臾쇱씠 뵾遺瑜 꺊꺊븯寃 븳 痢 뜑 諛앹

뿈 뵾遺濡 愿由ы븯뒗뜲 룄쓣 以띾땲떎.

뿈 떎겕媛먯큺쓽 猷곕줈삤뒪 옣꽟쑀 떆듃 궗슜

뿈 誘몃갚媛뺥솕 / 二쇰쫫媛쒖꽑 / 닔遺꾩뼱 / 뵾遺쁺뼇

뿈 誘몃갚쨌二쇰쫫媛쒖꽑 2以 湲곕뒫꽦