1 minute speedy dyeing, Strong water proof  without stimulation
Prescribed by NO Paraphenylenediamine (p-PDA), NO Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), this product can be used for your thin and weak hair with little damage and stimulation.
maintaining the color of hair semi-permanently after 5 to 9 times use.

Water-proofing function with the quality of evaporation, coating function

깉移섏뿼깋 1遺꾨쭔뿉 셿猷. 옄洹뱀뾾뒗 깉移섏뭅諛 쟾臾몄젣뭹
媛뺣젰븳 썙윭봽猷⑦봽
NO 뙆씪럹땺젋뵒븘誘, NO 怨쇱궛솕닔냼 泥섎갑쑝濡 몢뵾쓽 옄洹뱀씠 嫄곗쓽 뾾쑝硫 떆닠떆 紐⑤컻쓽 넀긽씠 쟻뼱 媛뒛怨 빟븳 紐⑤컻룄 떆닠 媛뒫
諛섏쁺援ъ쟻 紐⑤컻 깋긽 쑀吏: 깉移섏뿉 뿼깋븯硫 5-8쉶 諛섎났 떆닠 떆 젅濡 뿼깋씠 릺硫 20씪 씠긽 뿼깋쓣 쑀吏빀땲떎.
嫄댁“媛 鍮좊Ⅸ 肄뷀똿쑝濡 諛쒖닔꽦 肄뷀똿 뵾留됱쓣 삎꽦븯뿬 鍮꾩 뿉 媛뺥빀땲떎.