뿈 Available in black, dark brown, natural brown, light brown

뿈 Speed dyeing agent featured with coating that contains squid ink extract and clear
   color: Resonant flavor, clear color, glossy coating and low stimulation

뿈 Contains Dandelion hair BB Treatment (10g)

뿈 쓳깋, 뼱몢슫媛덉깋, 옄뿰媛덉깋, 諛앹媛덉깋

뿈 삤吏뺤뼱癒밸Ъ 異붿텧臾쇱쓣 븿쑀븳 肄뷀똿怨 꽑紐낇븳 移쇰씪媛 룍蹂댁씠뒗 뒪뵾뱶 뿼깋빟
   븳 뼢 + 꽑紐낇븳 移쇰씪 + 쑄湲 굹뒗 肄뷀똿젰 + 옄洹뱀꽦

뿈 誘쇰뱾젅 뿤뼱鍮꾨퉬 듃由ы듃癒쇳듃 (10g) 궡옣